*vacation post*
I know I’m on vacay & i should just stop tf2 trading completely to enjoy my 3 months of care free time… but..

Good news: I sold my unusual bonk leadwear for 60.25 Singapore dollars  !

Bad news: Steam changed my currency from USD to SGD even tho i was in Canada the entire time. They ignored all my tickets & won’t change my currency back. 
How does this affect me ?
I pay $0.06 USD more when i buy tf2 keys when using SGD, I’ll just assume everything costs more in SGD on steam.
If anyone knows how i can fix this please pm me.

I sold my cancer unusual for 49 bucks.
& Steam is a useless big ugly pile of fuck.
*vacation post*
Thank you, Sasha

van-city you did not disappoint.

*vacation post*
*vacation post*
*vacation post*
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